2020 Politics and Advertising – Navigating Media Planning During the Most Demanding Advertising Season 

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While the political season tends to always be one of the competitive and complex landscapes in media, the upcoming Election Day in 2020 is projected to break all previous records at $6.9B. MediaSource Worldwide has more than 50+ years of combined experience in navigating this territory and helping our clients deliver impactful campaigns through understanding key trends, predictions, and media technologies. Our team put together some insights and tips on what this means for brands competing on this ultra-aggressive media stage.

A Strong Case for Digital

Did you know that political ad spend has increased 27% each year since 2012? With growing platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other digital platforms, digital video spend has become a force in its own right. While Broadcast media is expected to claim the lion’s share of advertising, diversifying media strategies cross-screen will be a key advantage in this year’s cycle. 

Out of the near $6.9B expected to fuel the political advertising season, approximately $1.6B is expected to come from a combination of digital video strategies spanning from pre-roll to midroll ads, banner advertising, and a number of interactive ads on various digital platforms. With social distancing recently amplifying the amount of time spent on mobile devices, we anticipate seeing a large increase through in-app, mobile ads, and websites as well.  

Location & Timing

The cyclical nature of the election means we always see some very strong and definitive trends to inform media planning and strategy for both timeliness and locations.

For instance, ads typically begin airing in February of the election year, with a slight downturn over the spring, only to be ramped up again with exponential frequency until hitting the peak in late October. As the election nears, so do political campaigns become increasingly aggressive. Politicians want to be top of mind as the voting day nears – and so do their efforts to dominate the scene.

In the same vein, understanding the locations and segments across our country are equally vital, too. According to a 2020 political spending projections report, Presidential spending is projected at $2.7B with nearly 33% spent on digital video.

2020 ad spend predictions map

MediaSource Worldwide Inc. is a leader in media buying and planning and is a choice strategic partner with a track record of delivering targeted campaigns across several industries nationwide. The political season will cause extreme demand and high rates, but we can create a strategy within your budget to reach your goals using our expertise. For more information about advertising during the political year – contact our team.